09.09.01 New 0.17.6 version
Complex changes:
Changed database support in order to support different databases (splited date/time field into int fields year,mon,etc...
Written a library(UNMYSQL) for universaly accessing defferent database (only MySQL ok, Postgress not tested)
Written a library(ASTR) for some string opeartion based on standard C++ string class
MRTAd is rewritten in classes structure
Added MRTACenter in MRTAUtils for manipulating with clients and reporting traffic
MRTAStat is old, not working, will later
Many,many other...
09.09.00 New 0.16 version
Some documentation updates. Wrote script for installation
Postgress support in mrtad and mrtautils
Moved to C++.
MRTAStat moved from PHP to C++
All packages assembled in one
Web design changed

30.05.00 New 0.15 version
New version fully support work with SQL server inaccessible very long time
Config file format changes and one parameter added.
Implemented msntp-1.3 for time synchronizing
Fixed bug core dump when no 'version' record in clients table.

20.02.00 New 0.14 version
In new version last memory leak fixed and daemon running near from stable

17.02.00 New 0.12 version
Some memory leaks fixes & signal processing

21.01.00 Name changed
Project renamed to MRTA(Multi Router Traffic Accounting) and MRTAStat(Multi Router Traffic Accounting statistic) published

09.01.00 New version 0.11
Moved to GNU Autoconf

5.12.99 New version 0.9
In new version 0.9 command line parameters interpretation added for config file location and forking on start

4.12.99 New version 0.8
New version 0.8 doesn't require ipchains package

30.11.99 Web page for Billing Client is created now
I thought to create the web page for Billing Client and did so.